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What is
Mami chat is a women's calendar with expert advice in the field of reproductive health, which will give you the possibility to access non-emergency / preventive medical care and necessary information anywhere and anytime. You will receive help from experts and the support of the women's community. Combine in-person appointments with online to keep uninterrupted contact. for your family:
    Here you can get advice from any specialist on issues related to health


    • stay in touch with experts - chat, audio and video calls
    • ask trusted experts, the community, or everyone at once
    • get a "second opinion" concerning your health


    • look for experts by specialty or user recommendations
    • find out what tests you need to take before visiting a doctor
    • create communities to share experiences


    • visit the doctor only when it is really necessary
    Is it legal?
    Absolutely. Expert advices are for informational purposes only. The expert will not write you a sick leave and will not create an accurate diagnosis, but will give important recommendations regarding your problem and tools for solving it. The application is created by the women's community together with experts. We make pregnancy planning more accessible and understandable.
    Who else uses it?
    The mission of is to connect people from all over the world who are planning a pregnancy and experts ready to help them.